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Bob spent enough time in one place that he wasn't exactly anxious to sit in his office all day. But apparently it was something he was supposed to do here as a condition of staying, so fine, whatever.

The ghost was in. In a room that held...well, there were the chairs and desk that came with it. And a nameplate tacked to the door. What else did a ghost need?

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Teaching the children to take better care of themselves was all well and good – and at least they stood a slightly better chance of listening to him than Harry ever did – but it wasn’t as if Bob himself had to. Eating and sleeping were right out for the most part, and the only magic he had he used just by existing. So if he wanted to stay up to all hours working on the details of a new spell, why shouldn’t he?

He frowned at his latest runes, swiped one of them out of the air and replaced it, then stared at it again. It was an improvement… Maybe if Harry tested it for him, he could improve it from there. He’d gotten better over the years, but progress was slow-going when it was all theoretical, and this sort of thing had really been more Winifred’s strength than his.

He smiled wistfully, thinking of her. So many years, and he’d never forgotten. Likely he couldn’t, given the way his memory worked now, but even if it hadn’t, he’d have clung to it fiercely. Her own fierceness and beauty demanded no less.

Bob smiled, sighed, and dismissed the runes after committing them to memory. Maybe he should take a bit of a walk.

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Oh, thank you! When does it start?


Oh! Um. Hello, this is Bob, with Jono Starsmore on buttons. Please leave a message, and I'll get back to you...somehow, as soon as I can.


How was that?
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Bob hadn't really noticed anything yesterday; he'd been working on some formulae in his office, and he didn't make a habit of talking to himself, let alone wishing.

He had made a habit of listening to the radio, though. There was always somebody with it on, and it seemed prudent to know what was going on.

After this morning's, he went back to his office, weighed the pros and cons and possibilities as he paced, then finally said screw it.

"I wish I were corporeal."

Bob wasn't exactly an outwardly demonstrative person, so if anybody heard loud cheering from the vicinity of his office, it would have to be due to someone else.
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So Bob had been notified that he should make himself available to his students in his office at least once a week.

Bob had tried to explain that he was usually in his office, if he wasn't out bothering people walking the island, but apparently he needed to make it official.

So. The ghost was in! If anybody came to visit, they'd probably find him surrounded by glowing symbols as he tried to work out one of the magical questions of the ages. Or troll Harry into turning his hair bright blue. One of those.

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All the cool kids are doing it, right?

The ghost )

The radio host )

The time-traveller )

The cannibal )

The mun )
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Bob sighed and dismissed the formula he was working on. If he knew that tone of voice (and he was very good at that by now), he wouldn't be continuing any time soon. He ghosted up through the main floor to Harry's loft and did his best to look attentive. "Yes, Harry?"

Harry gave him a look and gestured at his bed. "What do you know about this? )

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