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Bob sighed and dismissed the formula he was working on. If he knew that tone of voice (and he was very good at that by now), he wouldn't be continuing any time soon. He ghosted up through the main floor to Harry's loft and did his best to look attentive. "Yes, Harry?"

Harry gave him a look and gestured at his bed. "What do you know about this?"

"About your so-called love life?" Bob asked. "Not a -" He stopped as he glanced at the pillow. Right in the center was a cream-colored envelope. Addressed to Hrothbert of Bainbridge, c/o Harry Dresden, Chicago. "What is that?"

Harry rolled his eyes in a way that Bob refused to admit he'd probably learned from him as a child. "That's what I'd like to know. It just appeared there."

Bob frowned. "Did you see how?"

"No." Harry shook his head. "I got up to use the bathroom, came back to bed, and there it was."

They gave the thing a pair of suspicious stares.

"You could try opening it, you know," Bob pointed out.

"Thank you, Bob!" Harry answered brightly. "I never would've figured that one out on my own! You don't think I tried that?" He held up a hand. "Right after I tested it for hostile magic. Which it doesn't have."

Bob settled from the lecture he'd been about to give. "It won't open?"

Harry looked at him and reached to pick it up. And grabbed the pillow. He patted around and through the envelope as if it were intangible. "I can't open it. I'm guessing from the address you can."

Bob eyed the thing a bit more worriedly. Who? and How? both came to mind, but apart from the brief stint on that island and his briefer bout with life recently, he hadn't touched anything in so long. He reached tentatively forward until his fingers touched paper, and it crinkled.

His eyes wide, he picked it up. He glanced at Harry, who looked back encouragingly. "Go on."

Bob took a deep breath he didn't need and broke the seal. Inside was a letter.

Dear Mr. _Bainbridge_,

Due to your assistance during the recent

X_Invasion of ___GHOSTS___
____Plague of _________________
____Rain of _________________
____Other (please specify): _________________________

it is Fandom High's pleasure to invite you to teach in our _
Spring 2015_ semester. We are able to provide you with a negotiable salary, office, and classroom.

Due to your unique circumstances, we are also able to offer you
_freedom to travel throughout Fandom Island, as you did when you were here before_. Any _possessions_ must be negotiated beforehand and fully consensual, and you will not be permitted off the island unless _you are currently in possession of a body_.

Please respond at your earliest convenience.

Bob blinked at it, then swallowed and looked at Harry, his eyes still wide. "Well. I seem to have been offered a job."

[OOC: Establishy and NFB/NFI, OOC fine if you're so inclined!]


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