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All the cool kids are doing it, right?

The Ghost

Hrothbert of Bainbridge, aka "Bob"

Meet Bob! This is Bob:

This is also Bob:
Although we won't be seeing that for a while, at least.


See, Bob is a ghost. He usually lives in his skull, but has special handwavy dispensation to come to Fandom to teach. Bob comes to Fandom from the Chicago of The Dresden Files (TV version). (Entire 12-ep series on Hulu or Youtube if you're so inclined.)

Bob's name is actually Hrothbert of Bainbridge; he originally lived around the year 900. Shut up, they totally sounded SRP Brit back then. He was a very talented, very smart sorcerer with a somewhat dark bent. He was also deeply in love with a sorceress named Winifred. When she died, he brought her back. Which is black magic and very much Not Done. He also crossed other lines dealing with black magic.

For his sins/penance, he was sentenced to eternity in his own skull, as a ghost, unable to affect the mortal world. Since then, his skull has been passed down through the years, at some point ending up in the Morningway family of wizards. He taught generations of his owners all about magic, up to and including Harry Dresden.

It was Harry who apparently decided "Hrothbert" was a bit of a mouthful (hey, he was eleven) (and knowing his past owners, they probably just called him "servant" or something equally charming), and started calling him Bob.

He grew really fond of Harry, and the feeling was mutual. When Harry killed his uncle and left home, Bob was all he took of his uncle's. And Bob's testimony that Harry's actions were in self defense is the only reason Harry's still alive. The High Council (the ruling body of wizards) decided to leave Bob with Harry as both an object lesson in what happens to those who use black magic, and a bit of a conscience-check for him.

Bob has over a thousand years of magical (and other) knowledge and experience built up, in addition to his work before that. He is also completely intangible under normal circumstances. And hence very, very frustrated. The fact that most of the time he can't go far from his skull and only gets to see the inside of Harry's apartment doesn't help.

He does a lot of magical research, okay? He also reads a lot. (In the books, which are a different canon, smutty romance. I may just go with that.) (Canon never exactly covers how he can read, other than that it's a bit laborious. Given his abilities (see below), I'm declaring it to be touching a page to absorb what it says.)

Bob is, it should be noted, an incredibly snarky bastard. To put it in Jim Butcher's words:

Since he's had several centuries with no way to attack anyone or defend himself except in conversation (but no way for anyone to really shut him up, either), he's developed a nuclear arsenal of snide.


Bob is played by the inestimable Terrence Mann. He's six feet tall, with pure white hair and light blue eyes, and moves like a dancer because I seem to collect those. He likes to dress nicely and adores waistcoats and dark colors. He always wears a ring of unknown provenance, and manacles that are part of the curse binding him. Here, have some hand porn:

He tends to act rather proper around people he doesn't know or when he's being professional. Otherwise, he's sarcastic and dry-witted, and often lascivious. (Hey, it's been a really long dry spell!)

Has a hidden sweet side. Also has a hidden very dark side.


Intangibility: Bob is a ghost. He can go through everything. If he goes through you, it's a very unsettling feeling. Handwavily, the island has the power to make things (like his offer letter) that he can touch, but that's sort of an emergency-only-and-at-the-whim-of-Fandom thing. If your character has a way of touching inanimate things, he will pester you forever adore you.

Writing: Bob can write in the air, in glowing letters. He uses this as a sort of chalkboard, since he can't chalk. Or board. Touching them will dissipate them and interrupt whatever he's doing. (And apparently, his magic can still affect him.) Extrapolating from this and his other talents, I'm guessing he can also do illusions of other sorts.

Psychometry: When Bob touches/goes through things, he picks up information from them. What they are, who they belong to, a bit of what's gone on around them, if they've been affected by magic, etc.

Shapeshifting/mimicry: Bob can change his appearance to pretty much anyone, even people he hasn't met (including all their clothing, etc.). He can also change his voice, but he usually doesn't bother. In addition, he can change into smoke (which he usually only does to go into/out of his skull), and can apparently be completely invisible (though we didn't it. so to speak.).

He can also combine his talents:

Possession: Bob can possess people and animals, with consent. He can either drive or ride along and just experience what they do. As with when he changes shape, he can mimic them, but generally won't bother; unless he wants people to believe he is who he's possessing, it'll sound like the possessee's voice with Bob's accent, and will have Bob's physical mannerisms.

Also, when he's got a body of some stripe, he can do magic.

Magic: Bob was really good at magic before he died. He's learned a lot since then. His specialties are complicated magical constructs and necromancy, but he's good at a lot of things. If a question starts, "Can he...?" the answer is probably yes (or possibly "yes, given enough time/the right ingredients"). But he won't be doing a whole lot of it, because of the whole lack-of-a-body thing. (And there's all kinds of ways for things to fail/go wrong.)

In Fandom:

Bob was part of the ghost invasion BDE, and changed sides to help. As a result, the island/school has invited him to teach. He was rather appalled at the island's inhabitants' lack of preparation for magic, so will be teaching that.

He won't have an apartment or anything, because...well, he doesn't eat or sleep or anything. When he's not teaching or wandering the island enjoying his (relative) newfound freedom, he can be found in his office.

The radio host

Cecil Gershwin Palmer

Cecil hails from Night Vale, where he has run the local radio for years. He has a boyfriend he will happily rhapsodize about - ♥Carlos♥, who is a Scientist. He got de-aged to 14 to avoid the severe penalties from a non-returned library book, and moved to Fandom because it was a nice enough place, not too weird, where time moves faster than at home. Mostly. Inasmuch as time is real anyway, which is "not very", right?

Apart from an occasional spurt of knowledge of things he'd have no way of knowing, Cecil has no powers. (And if he ever uses that on your character, I'll work it out OOC first.) Except for an ability to roll with just about every punch ever, and the fact he comes from someplace weirder than Fandom. These two things may be related. Unreasonably frightened of librarians.

Is currently a sophomore, and will turn 16 in January sometime. Rooming with Four; good friends with Kenzi and Raven D., and Sparkle when he can be dragged along for trouble good times. Has a hate-on for Eliot, who killed him on an AU weekend (without even introducing himself!), which mostly means he pouts and scowls a lot when reporting about him.

Full details here.

The time-traveller

Jalian d'Arsennette y ken Selvren

Jalian comes from the Californian coast of The Armageddon Blues, by Daniel Keys Moran. In 2007, Armageddon happened - nuclear war that left most of the population dead and the rest in tiny pre-industrial tribes. Jalian's people inherited a mutation from a foremother that gave them silver eyes and the ability to see from infrared out to the fringes of gamma radiation. They're also much faster than modern humans.

Jalian is a Huntress - an adult woman of her clan responsible for providing for and defense of the clan. She became a Huntress at 14 - younger than anyone can ever remember anyone else doing it. She comes from about 800 years after Armageddon.

When Jalian was six, aliens, the Corvichi, landed. In exchange for a place to park their ship for a few years, they offered ken selvren advanced technology and training; Jalian was their prize pupil. She learned everything from laser technology to timeline traveling, as well as developing her latent talent of mindspeech.

Then she stole a Doorway and used it to travel back in time to stop Armageddon. Ended up in Fandom instead.

Currently, junior? I think? Has no roomie; is friends with Elsa, would like to flirt more with Raven D., and enjoys killing things with Anders.

Full details here.

The cannibal

Dr. Hannibal Lecter

Hannibal comes to Fandom from the world of his TV canon. He is currently between seasons 2 and 3, and will probably be staying there, since going to prison would sort of cramp his teaching style. Fled to Fandom instead of France.

He's a man of the world (many, at this point). He's a trauma surgeon, a psychiatrist, an artist and illustrator, a gourmet chef, and a musician and composer. He tends toward the classic with a twist - Classical music, but also theremin. Three-piece suits, but plaid. Gourmet food, but made of people.

You know, little things.

He lives at 22 Phoenix Place, which he refuses to call DOOMhaus, along with a cat (Beethoven) gifted to him by Jono and a mini-flock of flamingos permanently camped on his lawn. Is very good friends-with-benefits with Jono, good friends with Karla (who knows his secret thanks to an AU child), friends/mentor-y/one-time-wouldn't-mind-again sex toy of Raven-the-alumna, mentor to Sparkle, and friendly with/affable to pretty much everyone on the island except for Anakin Skywalker, who knows what he did.

Full details here.

The mun


Lorelei, aka Llwyden pretty much everywhere. From Georgia (US), currently living around Cleveland (OH, US). Manager at a tech support company, personally doing mostly coding and database development. Multiple degrees, none of which are in tech - Master's in Folklore, BA in Linguistics, BS in Psychology which I'm sure my mother would be pleased to know I'm finally putting to work, right? Also ABD in Comparative Literature, Arthurian focus (Middle Welsh, Old Irish, Old French, Old/Middle English). Complete and utter music geek. (I lettered in chorus!)

Living with my mom and four cats (Doyle, Maya, MB, Lamont), still blaming MP for my being here. Going to sleep now, so any questions? Just ask!

Date: 2015-01-01 05:45 pm (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] vdistinctive
Have I mentioned how much I love the fact that Cecil's mostly pissed that Eliot didn't introduce himself?

Because it's a lot.


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From: [identity profile]
Hee! Well, I figure a guy like Cecil wouldn't be bothered by the same things as other folks.

And really, to be killed by someone and not even know who? Honestly!


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